Our Story

Launched in Spring 2023, Gates & Friends is a family-owned and -operated children's clothing retailer with deep roots in the Carolinas.

We provide families with thoughtful, accessible products for your little ones that you can feel good about. 

After her son was born, founder Ashleigh quickly realized how difficult it was to find sustainable-yet-affordable clothing for him. And as a working mom, she knew that every moment spent researching options was time she couldn't spend with her family. She knew there had to be an easier way for today's families to find quality children's clothing, made with heart.

Thus, Gates & Friends was born. Every item in our collection of children's clothes supports at least one of the following values:

  • Organic.
  • Sustainable practices.
  • Handmade.
  • Low-waste or slow fashion approach.
  • Small business.
  • Family- or woman-owned and -operated.
  • Made in the USA. 

We're named after Ashleigh and her husband’s toddler, Gates, whose love for cars, construction equipment, big hugs, and belly laughs inspires them to do more, be better, and stay present daily.


Where you put your money matters. Thank you for purchasing products that support real makers and their families.